Air China: New route launch


300,000 social media impressions on launch day, 5,000 video views, and 10 pieces of media coverage. Overall, a strong launch for a Chinese brand in the UK

The solution

Rather than handle it as a standard airline launch, we looked at Chinese culture, so that it would be clearly be an Air China campaign. Using Chinese Tai Chi as a starting point, we created an engaging, colourful and active display of China for UK audiences to promote the launch.


We worked with the UK’s biggest Tai Chi society and asked them to develop a routine that you could use when flying long haul. This included exercises that could be used before the flight itself, as well as in-flight

We brought the routine to life through a video, as well as a series of step by step images. We then brought the Tai Chi society to Gatwick on the day of the launch to demonstrate the different moves and routine live


  • 300,000 social media impressions on launch day
  • 5,000 video views
  • 10 pieces of media coverage
  • Content that could be used by Gatwick and Air China in the future