How to add £10k to your salary in 12 months

How to add £10k to your salary in 12 months

Our aim at The Honey Partnership is to engage and focus our teams on growth – new revenue, new business, and productivity. We want to build a high-growth, fast-paced culture. Last year, we launched a programme for all staff to “add £10k to your salary this year” and “earn 10% commission’.

We “expect” anyone earning £30k to be earning £40k this time next year. Everyone gets 10% commission on referred business. To qualify for the £10k raise, each person will need to achieve the following (very carefully chosen criteria):

  1. REFER. Refer new clients to the company. 
  2. OPERATE EFFECTIVELY. Be a really reliable team player: Use the tools with passion: Asana, Slack, Mail, Calendar and adopt Honey SoPs and Code of Professional Conduct “by the book”. 
  3. ADD VALUE. Add value to every task given, for example, complete on time and “go that little bit extra” in terms of thoughtfulness. Make it super-easy for your line manager to delegate. Assume more responsibility wherever possible and ask for more at every opportunity.
  4. SUPPORT. Support your boss – in other words, suck tasks off the line managers plate, ask for more, suggest more.
  5. RECRUIT. Recruit the next generation of bees to build super brands – introduce people into the company that can help us grow.
  6. COMMUNITY Play your role in the company’s online public community.

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