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Job: Account Director

Account Director

The Honey Partnership is looking for an Account Director with extensive agency experience in the lifestyle and consumer tech area to lead a portfolio of client accounts. The role offers a £50k salary and progressions to Junior Partner status in the firm. The job is based in Old Street, London.

Why Honey

Honey was established in Q4 2014 – we are small and young. We have a vision to be the world’s leading Chinese-led social creative agency and this is our second Account Director hire. So if you join, you are in virtually at the start of an amazing journey which will be able to offer you many more opportunities for personal development, career development, international travel and working at the very leading edge of where social is going.

Core Responsibilities

We would like you to be responsible for leading client engagements, delivering great customer satisfaction, managing your team to help them develop their careers, winning creative awards, and pioneering the use of new social techniques.

Five Requirements

  • With a PR background, you will need to understand the data, numbers and KPIs of mobile, social and digital marketing: From Google Analytics to SEO, PPC, web design, Influencer Relations and Blogger Relations.
  • A Bachelor of Arts degree in PR, communications, or journalism is preferred.
  • You will have reasonably active social profiles and a palpably obvious enthusiasm for social.
  • We would like you to be a subject matter geek – unashamedly nerdy about tech, particularly the bits no one else understands.
  • You will need to be happy and confident giving clients advice – and equally happy and able to get on with it when it gets rejected or thrown back in your face.
  • You will have a restless creative nature, keen to get up on stages and claim awards you and your team have won.


To apply or enquire, please contact Mark Terry-Lush mark.terry-lush@makehoney.com

Chris Adams