#AccessAllASOS was designed to foster advocacy. Super-fans were invited to apply for a special invitation only programme, giving them access to all things ASOS. The short introductory video above explains the concept.

We launched the #AccessAllASOS website (accessallasos.com). In October, we opened the website up for applications. To let our first wave of insiders know they’d been accepted into the programme, each was sent a beautifullywrapped, #AccessAllASOS-branded box containing twopersonalised gifts, and handwrittennote, welcoming them to the programme. They didn’t know it was coming!

Needless to say, the lucky insiders tweeted, Instagrammed and blogged about it. Gemma from ‘Sunshine on a Cloudy Day’ described her being accepted into the programme as “the greatest thing that has happened to me since blogging! Once the programme was up and running in October, we developed a regular schedule of content (including emails to all the insiders), offers, invitations to events for selected insiders, and personalised gifts.

We also staged a day long “selfie school” for 26 fashion bloggers, at ASOS HQ. The next event in December, was ‘social media school’, where the insiders learned social media skill and took part in social media bingo. Some insiders were also invited to an ASOS Xmas party. January saw us inviting insiders to an #asosswapshop, where bloggers swapped clothes with other bloggers and also received a number of ASOS items.


Through special deliveries of handwritten notes and personalised gifts, invitations, opportunities and inspiration content, the Insiderscollectively posted thousands of pieces of individual content during the four month period when we ran the programme. Every piece of content was overwhelmingly positive -without exception.

When we handed the programme over to ASOS in February 2014, we had recruited 769 Insiders (our target was 500), who had written 7,450 individual pieces of content about ASOS, with a total reach of almost 12 million (all with a positive sentiment or recommendation!). We additionally created over 1000 back-links to ASOS.