5 trends to look out for at IFA 2022


Mark Terry-Lush



IFA is just a few days away and we are SO happy to be back at a live event. A year without being at the conference in-person was too long, and really highlighted how much we want to experience new tech up close and personal, but also how much we’ve missed connecting and networking face-to-face.

There’s a lot to get excited about this year, as thousands of exhibitors, marketers, and journalists converge on Berlin for one of Europe’s biggest consumer tech events. 

Whilst there haven’t been any full announcements… yet – bookmark our socials for those in the coming days – we’ve pulled together the top 5 trends we expect to see at IFA 2022. Enjoy!

1. Dawn of the Ecosystem

‘Ecosystem’ will be a major buzzword this year and brands are no longer launching products in isolation or prioritising separate categories. They’re launching entire ranges of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearables which are all able to connect in ways they couldn’t before. 

The next generation of tech will allow consumers to share screens and collaborate across multiple devices simultaneously. Expect to see exhibitors showcasing their ecosystems and how products interact with each other.

2. Smarter Smart Homes

Homes are about to get a whole lot smarter: smart fridges, smart TVs, and smart washing machines will all be talking to you in the near future, alerting you when you’re low on milk and adjusting the setting for your next wash. Like a smart home orchestra, you’ll be able to conduct every appliance from your phone. This could lead to branded homes, with every device in the house being from a single company.

We’re predicting stands displaying their entire connected smart home range, or even showcasing them in their very own branded living space.

3. The Foldable Has Landed

Samsung has recently launched its new foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold4, setting the standard for foldable design and technology in a market that shows no sign of slowing down with more devices sure to launch this year. 

Samsung Z Fold 4 – setting down a marker for foldable phones?

But it’s not just foldable smartphones – ASUS will launch the world’s first foldable laptop with their Zenbook 17 Fold OLED. Foldable tech is here to stay.

4. The 5G Future is Now

The 5G future is here. More and more smart devices will come equipped with 5G, and businesses, public areas and transport will have 5G networks as well. That means higher download speeds, lower latency, and more capacity to access information faster. We’ll soon be able to use 5G to power our homes, connect to autonomous vehicles, and live in smarter cities. 

So what does that mean for IFA? We anticipate brands and start-ups will exhibit their latest 5G innovations and make some big announcements in relation to communication, mobile gaming, and immersive experiences in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and extended reality (XR).

5. What Will Advancements in Display Tech Look Like?

With more connectivity, improved video image quality, and enhancements in smart wearable glasses, brands are pushing the envelope in display technologies. What will the next generation tech offer?

As we spend more time on devices, brands will need to address how to advance display technology without compromising our eyesight.

Want even more real-time insights at IFA this year? We’ll be there to chat in person. Our Business Development Director Carnation Kang will be on the ground in Berlin. You can book an appointment to speak with her through her LinkedIn, or reach out through our own socials.
See you there!