A billion ways to save endangered colour.



The challenge

Nature is beautiful. A portfolio of colour and vibrancy. But nature and species which add bold and spectacular colour to live are at risk. Through a partnership with National Geographic, OPPO wanted to raise awareness and tell this story, before it’s too late.

Endangered Colour is a Make Honey powered campaign to support National Geographic Society and its wildlife conservation efforts along with a content series created by Joel Sartore, National Geographic Photographer.

We used OPPO’s Find X3 Pro smartphone to capture endangered colour through a series of images and short film, enabling audiences to experience nature from a new perspective and discover a world full of unimaginable colour. A video narrated by Oscar-winner, Eddie Redmayne, was used to support the activity through traditional PR and social.

The results

Our PR campaign raised awareness of the risks of nature and its endangered colour to over six million people through 68 pieces of coverage.