CO2 friendly routes


The challenge

Fastest is not always the best, that’s the message from Neste, the world’s most sustainable energy company. How could Neste and Make Honey prove it?

Our campaign revealed how tens of thousands of tonnes of CO2 could be saved if mapping and satellite navigation systems offered a CO2-friendly route option. 

While some cars have an “Eco” setting, most drivers are unable to choose a satnav route that cuts down emissions. A campaign website detailed the experiment, which was brought to life in an explainer video. The findings were shared internationally on social media via #co2routing.

The results

We found that by choosing a CO2-friendly route, 81,000 tons of CO2 could be saved every year in the Helsinki region alone – the equivalent annual carbon dioxide emissions of 20,000 inhabitants or the removal of 30,000 passenger cars from the roads for a full year.