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Power your digital marketing to new heights with content marketing strategies from Make Honey. We provide industry best content creation, award-winning digital strategies and Smart technology expertise that enables you to engage, capture and convert new customers.

Our team of world-class content creators, editors and strategists propel brand awareness to new heights, light a fire under your SEO efforts and produce results. We’re talking customer-centric, exhaustively researched original content that will leave your competitors scrambling to catch up.

If you’re tired of your content marketing strategies falling flat, then it’s time to talk to the team at Make Honey.

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The awards keep rolling in for Make Honey including a prestigious Effie Award, the UK Social Media Communications Award, The UK Agency Award, an ICCO Award and more. These organisations recognise our level of commitment, the dedication of our team members, their unmatched expertise and the forward-leaning nature of our work.

Whether you own a multibillion-pound new economy standout, or an up and coming tech business focused on Smart Technology, Make Honey are your go-to source for leading-edge content marketing strategies and content marketing campaigns.

ALIBABA CLOUD, Generating leads through whitepapers, and more

Alibaba Cloud is a cloud computing provider and part of Alibaba Group. It is the largest cloud vendor in China, but wanted to stand out beyond its home market where competitors such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are more established.

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Ground-Breaking Content For Your Business

Anyone can create a serviceable blog post. What we do is a little different.

We provide brand-building content creation services backed by strategy-led planning and messaging. We weave Smart Technology into relatable content that speaks to your audience.

We recognise that the world today is Smart, mobile and social and we fashion our content to accommodate it. We research the **** out of each client, then use the insights gained to craft high quality, ground-breaking digital content while nailing down the fundamentals of relevance, engagement, lead generation and SEO.

Well considered and well-implemented content marketing strategies are often the difference between thriving and surviving. Content marketing attracts customers, enhances your brand image and drives conversions. Here are 5 more reasons why content marketing is so important.

What’s So Important About Content Marketing?

Enhancing your brand image is an essential function of any content creation plan. But you can’t enhance your brand unless people are aware of it. Great content marketing also enhances brand awareness.

One of the primary goals of a content marketing campaign is to improve your position in organic search results in order to drive traffic. The content marketer is tasked with making sure your content is SEO friendly.

At least it should. There are myriad ways to do this. For example, you may make certain information accessible only to those who enter a name and email address. Chances are anyone willing to do so is a potentially valuable lead.

People bother to read your blog posts and social media musings because they’re hoping to obtain useful information. Content that is well researched and equally well written establishes your expertise and helps build trust.

Customer loyalty is essential to long-term success. But customers don’t give their loyalty easily. You will need to provide a steady stream of useful content that augments your customer care efforts in order to instil loyalty.


Positive endorsement is proven to drive ecommerce purchases


Win credibility, trust and visibility to impact decision making


Creators and key opinion leaders deliver authentic content


Creative impact through stories that spark social sales conversations


Create content from inspired activations, partnerships and events

Content Marketing Trends To Look For In 2021

Not that it ever went anywhere but because the pandemic has driven so much economic activity online the quality of your Search Engine Optimisation efforts has never been more important. And what is the power behind effective SEO efforts? That’s right, content marketing. Look for content marketers to find new ways to separate their clients from the competition through things like niche keywords and better-researched articles.

Much to the chagrin of writers everywhere, AI is beginning to make inroads when it comes to content creation. Expect this trend to continue. Why? Because, in short bursts, AI is capable of producing unbiased and informative content. When tasked with writing entire articles things can still get a bit dodgy. But for now, expect to see an increasing number of introductory lines and short informative blurbs created by AI programs.

Google is placing more and more emphasis on the quality of the information that appears on websites and less on keywords or backlinks. Don’t get us wrong, keyword research, as well as establishing backlinks, are still essential to effective content marketing campaigns. However, we expect that in 2021 this emphasis on topical expertise will become a quantifiable phenomenon.

Events of the past year have left many of us with a serious case of the feels. This new emotionality and desire to make personal connections is poised to spill over into content marketing in a big way in 2021. But we’re not talking about merely referring to your customers by their nicknames during customer service chat sessions. Instead, we’re talking NextGen personalisation using information gathered by third-party apps to create more personalised communications and to tailor content offerings that speak to their sensibilities.

Every webinar or podcast is a potential content bonanza with useful information flying in all directions. The days when this information would be allowed to dissipate in the technosphere never to be seen again are over. 2021 will see brands near and far finding ways to mine their webinars, podcasts, conferences and more for information that can be used to create blog posts, social media posts, web pages and other types of content.

You may be familiar with Google Discover. It was originally launched as Google Feed before undergoing a significant reworking. Discover is available on Google’s mobile pages and it uses machine learning and AI to study and understand user tastes and engagement habits. Based on what it learns it then provides content in its feed that should, in theory, speak directly to the user. Think of it as a waiter who’s gotten to know you over the years and always provides spot-on recommendations. Look for content this year that is fashioned in a way that will increase its chances of winding up in the Discover feed.

Hundreds of millions of people have given up typing queries into a form and hitting the search button. Instead, they use Google’s voice search option on their smartphone. This trend is only going to pick up steam in the days and months ahead, and woe unto those who are unprepared. We foresee increasing amounts of content being optimised for more conversational search terms and moving away from the often truncated grammar of typed keyword phrases.

When everyone was sequestered in their homes video in general, and live video in particular, became the medium that prevented economic collapse. Now that restrictions are being lifted it seems unlikely that the clock will be turned back on video. In fact, now that businesses know how cost-effective it is to arrange a webinar and what a good job video marketing does conveying important information, (as opposed to say a Powerpoint presentation), it’s likely live video will become even more ubiquitous.

Content Marketing Services in London

Make Honey content marketing campaigns are carefully crafted to dovetail with your needs. We’re sticklers for detail and can’t abide by the one-size-fits-all approach practised by other agencies. As we emerge into the post-pandemic world it is more important than ever that your business is properly positioned to take advantage of the immense opportunities that lie ahead.

We can do that for you. Our team members eat, sleep and breathe digital marketing, understand the technology involved, are able to anticipate and avoid setbacks and will be there with you every step of the way to ensure the success of your digital strategy.

Honey has taken TP-Link UK from a predominantly B2B brand to be a regular in lifestyle media and in our social communities. Honey demonstrates a perceptive and dynamic approach to getting results.

Emma Lattimer, Marketing Manager


Make Honey: Content Marketing Pioneers

The award-winning team at Make Honey pioneered the integration of Smart Technology with content creation services to produce leading-edge digital marketing campaigns that blow past expectations. Our content creators, editors and strategists work as a single organic unit focused solely on enabling your goals through the application of media expertise and insights gained through comprehensive research.

Before you throw money away on yet one more dead-end content marketing campaign get in touch with the experts at Make Honey. As London’s content marketing pioneers we will connect you with your target audience, bolster brand awareness and get all the aspects of your digital strategy pulling together toward your business goals.