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The FeiyuTech community is comprised of keen amateur and semi-professional filmmakers. They look at the page for inspiration and to share the videos that they make. 

The community is keen to learn and see what is possible with the FeiyuTech products. We used content that was shared with the page, along with comments and trending videos to generate an insight about the wider community:

“Behind every great video or film is a talented individual who we never see, they are the unsung hero”

From this insight “The Unsung Hero” creative was born. To bring “The Unsung Hero” to life we needed to create a sense of amazement. We wanted the video to be as fast-moving, action-oriented and exciting as the FeiyuTech brand.

Parkour and Freerunning has always been popular online with videos of the best runners reaching millions of views each. However something you rarely saw was the athleticism of the cameraman who captured it. This meant Parkour was the perfect sport our “Unsung Hero”.

We carefully selected two KOL athletes with expertise in video production. They not only stared and shared the video we produced, but went on to become fans of the products, amplifying brand awareness through their profiles with other Parkour athletes and the wider community.


Reach: 5 Million

Views: 3 Million

Comments, Likes, Shares: 66K


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  • Parkour TV’s Instagram