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The details of the marketer’s job change on a regular basis. But one aspect of marketing that doesn’t change is enlisting the services of prominent individuals to promote a product or service. In the past, these prominent individuals were primarily television and movie stars. Today, some of the most effective are stars of the world’s social media platforms, also known as influencers.


If you have a product or service to promote you ignore these individuals and the enormous power they wield over the buying decisions of the general public at your own peril. Make Honey is a leading influencer marketing agency in London and can devise an influencer marketing strategy for you that will pay handsome dividends.

An Influencer Marketing Agency In London with Global Reach

If your goal is to increase your brand awareness, enhance your brand image and identity and ratchet up sales, influencer marketing is the way to go. As a leading influencer marketing agency, we provide a wide variety of services that connect your brand to sector-specific influencers who can enhance your stature virtually overnight. Here are some of the ways we do that:


Understanding Brand Values

An influencer marketing agency cannot do an effective job unless they understand the brands they represent right down to the core. Job 1 then is to get to know your brand, your products or services and your values. Only when we have a firm grasp on those elements and more can we commence the search for an appropriate influencer match.

Cultivating Influencer Relations

Our influencer marketing team are not the types who sit and let the action come to them. They’re active 24 hours a day, reaching out to local influencers and global superstars alike, cultivating good relations and, just as important, nurturing mutual trust between brands and influencers.

Prioritising Influencer Identification

Not all social media influencers and content creators are right for every campaign. When it comes to finding the right influencer for the job we rely on our vast experience to identify and select those who possess just the right combination of sufficiently large following and brand relevance.

Expert Influencer Campaign Management

Effective influencer marketing strategies don’t formulate themselves. Nor can the influencer marketing agency simply set them in motion and watch them soar to untold heights of success. They need to be properly managed from start to finish. We offer proven influencer campaign management and campaign execution that gleans every drop of potential from your campaign.

Ongoing Campaign Monitoring

Effective influencer campaign management entails more than the occasional call to the client or influencer. It requires real-time monitoring across all multiple platforms and the ability to quickly and effectively intervene in the event of missteps or oversights. At Make Honey we take nothing for granted and work your campaign from end to end.


Influencer Consultancy Services

For those clients who would like to learn more about influencer marketing and how it can be leveraged to benefit their brand, we provide expert influencer consultancy services and training programmes. Our informative sessions and materials will take you through the entirety of the influencer marketing process, including content creation, so that you can play a more active role in the formulation of your next influencer marketing campaign.

Get in Touch with Influencer Marketing by Calling Make Honey

Make Honey is a full-service influencer marketing agency with our fingers on the pulse of the global influencer marketing phenomenon. We formulate influencer marketing strategies that enhance brand awareness and identity, increase sales and engage your target audiences. From concept to completion we do it all. Give us a call today on 0203 488 4253, or use the contact form on our website.

“By using a data-led strategy where we were reporting on actionable insights, then focusing down on what the audience actually wants, we produced a social media strategy that accelerated performance exponentially.”

Patrick Steen – Former Head of Social Media, Supporter and Community Engagement, Which?




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