Internship Policy

Work Experience, Internship And Graduate Recruitment Policies

Honey actively seeks to recruit and develop interns and graduates and seeks to offer work experience opportunities to students at school, college or University. We believe we offer a work enviornment which provide great opportunities, a powerful learning environment and a chance to take responsibility and develop core career skills quickly.

The Honey Work Experience Program, the Honey Internship Programme and the Honey Graduate Programme has been designed to introduce people to working at Honey so that they may:

  • Meet their needs in supporting a career in internationsal business and social and digital marketing
  • Broaden their work experience.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Receive personal training and mentoring.
  • Meet new people in the business world.
  • Understand the Honey social methodology.


Each Student, Intern opr Graduate engagement is tailored for the individual. The term may be from one month to six months. The nature of the work depends entirely upon the individual’s personal goals and a Personal Develop Plan is developed for each individual to help the company and the individual focus on achieveing specific learning goals.

The Application Process 

Every Partner and Employee at Honey is incentivised to hire students, interns and graduates. This means you can approach any member of the company using their email or social addresses available from this website. Graduates may also apply to all jobs listed on our website.

The process is as follows:

Stage 1: Interview

Honey will interview applicants to match their needs with what the relevant Programme can offer them, given the workloads, client commitments, geographies and industry sectors served by Honey at the time.

Stage 2: Plan

The candidate needs to clearly articulate their ambition and expectation and be able to express these before or during the interview. Their ambitions and Honey’s goals are combined to create a Personal Development Plan (also called a Training Plan). This will include specific actions and steps required to achieve the goals of the Personal Development Plan.

Stage 3: Offer

Honey will provide an offer based on the outputs from the interview and based on the candidate’s needs.

Stage 4: Allocation of line manager

A Line Manager is assigned to be your success manager to support your progress through the Plan.

Stage 5: Engagement

This is the Work Experience, Internship or Graduate training, running for the agreed period. The student, intern or graduate receives a weekly meeting to review learnings and capture feedback.

Stage 5: Exit

We conduct rigorous exit interviews to capture learnings on both sides. We write a reference for the candidate and we ask the candidate to write a reference for us too.