Building the right company culture and becoming social brand advocates

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first” Simon Sinek

Company culture is no longer a choice. With Venture Capital (VC)-backed companies in the UK raising over $1 billion across less than 100 deals in Q2 2015, to succeed in this competitive market you must create an identity that is embedded into your business from Day 1. The religion of having a company culture is standard practice now; in the end, the company that wins will be the one with the culture that engages the customer first and foremost.

Honey recently attended a panel event that was dedicated to discussing Company Culture, this was held at WeWork Moorgate – a company whose culture defines them and ultimately what makes them a $10 billion company. The event highlighted the challenges startups face when trying to keep the company culture alive as they hit hyper-growth mode. With the likes of TransferWise, GoCardless & Skyscanner all discussing their cultures there was a strong focus on recruitment and one common theme. Social. A culture must be social in order to be successful.  TransferWise embed social as part of their culture with company organised holidays, interviews with founders and having their own TransferWise Jobs Twitter handle. GoCardless are also upping the social culture game with their Founder, Co-Founder & CxOs all leading by example on Twitter & LinkedIn.

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We’ve highlighted three ways you can emanate your company culture through Social:

Manage your community

The value and the vision both need to be communicated and the majority of this is done via social channels. As a business you need to be aware of the noise and impact your brand is making through social and how this is portraying your company’s culture to customers, employees and prospects. That’s why having a community manager is so imperative to keep on top of your brand messaging and engaging with the right audience.

Social CEO

Here at Honey we also look a lot at how company culture is fed down from the top. Is your CEO on Twitter? Are the Founders on LinkedIn? If not, what does this say about your companies cultures and values. How do you expect your employees to be social advocates and brand advocates if this doesn’t start with your leadership team.

Social Advocates

Having employees that are empowered to be social advocates within your organisation is now such a powerful tool. Your employees are the voice of your brand, they will represent you offline and online. The first line on Googles Company culture page is ‘It’s really the people that make Google the kind of company it is today’, they understand that in order to scale your business you must empower employees to be advocates of your business. Not only will this attitude retain employees but it should also be used to attract employees too. Take as another example, their mission statement ‘To help people everywhere find jobs and companies they love’, this is where your employees will rate your business and ultimately your culture.

Don’t forget that Social is now one of the main source of sales leads, with over 70% of salespeople using social selling as part of their sales process. Having a sales team that can confidently and competently close business through social will enable your business to outperform the competition.

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Chris Adams