Cannes Lions Diary: But What About Brexit?

Cannes Lions

Cannes Lions Diary: But What About Brexit?

The festival goers are a mashup of clients, agencies, production companies, media owners, suppliers, liggers and the unemployed.  I spoke to people from countless nations, every one of them asked about Brexit.  All in favour of remain because, at least on the Cote d’Azur, collaboration meant action, forward thinking, innovation and inspiration – a glimpse of the future for brands and brand builders.

My own agency successes are built on collaboration, all our awards are not the single solution of one mind.  

Another piece of work worthy of note for its cultural resonance and gentle humour is the campaign to rename British landmarks for Chinese tourists.  It’s not new (December 2014) but Ogilvy & Mather and VisitBritain took home two gold PR Lions and one silver.

The tourism association asked the people of China to give new Chinese names to hundreds of tourist attractions and places of interest across Britain. The campaign, “Great Names for Great Britain,” asked travellers to the UK to post photos of themselves experiencing a point of interest, along with their suggested Chinese name on VisitBritain’s WeChat and Weibo.

Would you be more likely to shop Savile Row if it were called “The Street for the Tall, Rich and Handsome”? Or maybe book a visit to Sherwood Forest if it were known as “The Forest of Chivalrous Thieves”?

Humour aside, Brexit may have punctured the advertising bubble and given the networks a hangover for months to come, but creatives, strategists and technologists all know that collaboration is king and a multi-agency approach is key to meeting a KPI.

Mark Terry-Lush