Cannes Lions Diary: Cause Celebrity

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Cannes Lions Diary: Cause Celebrity

Celebrities and technology were everywhere at Cannes 2016, I was overwhelmed by seminars on 360, drones, VR, AI and IoT.  But something felt missing – creativity. The buzz around new shiny platforms – including Snapchat’s enormous digital outdoor ad on the facade of the Palais – put the event’s core in the shade.

Snapchat Billboard giphy (4)

Thankfully BBH’s John Heggarty was there with a timely reminder that technology is the medium not the message when he said: “principles remain but practices change. People don’t watch tech.”

Did we learn anything from the celebrities or were they a Twitter sideshow?  We were treated to Iggy Pop praising Kim Kardashian and Will Smith saying he makes movies to move people, not for the money.

Usher said something about mentoring Justin Beiber, but all I can really remember is his amazing trousers.  Anna Wintour gave us four lessons in creativity and how to really rock sunglasses.

Simon Pegg

I was momentarily excited about Simon Pegg but he mysteriously cancelled at the last minute, which led to a personal brush with Gwyneth Paltrow on the Carlton Terrace; but least said about that the better.

Mark Terry-Lush