Co-Work, Co-Live, Co-Create

It’s only my third day at Honey but can already see the melting pot of creativity each bee embodies. It’s a startup mentality and it’s agency life, everyone has their roles but you can get pulled into a new project at the drop of a hat. I’ve come from a huge corporate so for me, this is new but really mesmeric.

What struck me is the co-working space, I’m sure everyone’s heard of WeWork but whilst in a corporate you become oblivious to these innovations, until now. The Honey office is smack bang in the middle of WeWork Old Street. The space is packed with startups who share meeting rooms, facilities, a bar and fridges full of milk. Just like a well-oiled machine, it’s exactly what I would expect a hive to be if it was run by humans. It’s a hub of revolutionaries who co-work, co-live and co-create.

In a use-to-be grimy part of London, Shoreditch is now encompassed by (dare I say it) ‘trendy’ bars, cafes and high-rise architecture. Every nook and cranny of London is filled with concrete, it’s almost unfathomable that space in London is so valuable. Architects have had to reinvent with obscurity just to fill that three metres of space. Simply look at M by Montcalm just down the road, a scary, angular building that’s climbed straight out of Gotham City.

For companies, what better way to fill that gap than with a co-working space? You can meet, be inspired by and encourage other startups and people from all corners of the world. Delicious food trucks are outside the front door. WeWork offer perks like training sessions, events and free tasties in the lobby from foodie companies. Then there’s Belgian beer night if you’re thirsty on a Thursday. What more could you want?

Honey’s WeWork building has elaborate artworks and every wall is glass (that you can write on). There’s an open culture and an even more open aesthetic, even Buster the bulldog’s snores next door seem melodic. Everyone in London wants a piece of this cake, even HSBC who have just settled in next door. We’ll see how long they last without wearing a tie to work.

Although it’s only day three of this startup frenzy I’m excited to see what’s next. Maybe there’s ‘Rave Yoga’ on again tonight.

Harriet Butterfield
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