Everyone Loves a Livecam


Everyone Loves a Livecam

Bearcam is back! Although in fairness I didn’t miss it because before I spotted it in The Verge this morning, I had no idea that #bearcam even existed. But now that I do my life may never be the same again.


I want this livecam feed as a backdrop for my life, but for now I can be content with the fact that I can have it running on a second screen in the office, ensuring that the brown bears of Katmai National Park in Alaska will always have an audience as they attempt to catch salmon swimming upstream.

giphy (3)

The geniuses behind bearcam are explore.org, a conservation and educational organisation using technology as a gateway to nature. And they aren’t stopping at bears. You can also watch sharkcam, penguincam, puffincam and (I swear I am not making this up) Great Dane Nursery Cam.

And while livestreaming animals will never go out of style, things don’t have to be cute and/or cuddly to make a good livecam opportunity. Who can forget #DrummondPuddleWatch? And if you are so inclined, you can even spend some time watching the team at Sagmeister Walsh go about their day-to-day tasks in their New York studio.

Now go livestream the crap out of something, I will almost certainly Retweet it.

Chris Adams