Hey, Honey – your weekly round up (issue 1)

Hey, Honey – your weekly round up (issue 1)

Our weekly round up of everything that’s been happening in the ?world of social media, marketing and culture.  The Money With Wings on Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary UpdateBank Holiday has left our week a little shorter than usual, and marked the official end of Black Sun With Rays on Apple iOS 9.3summerFallen Leaf on Facebook Messenger, but that hasn’t stopped us from finding plenty of Newspaper on Facebook Messengernews to fill out your Friday.

Here’s what you may have missed…

Mobile Phone on Facebook MessengerInstagram is at it again with the updates, this time introducing the feature I regularly forget doesn’t already exist…pinch to zoom. And in other update news, did you know you can use edited content for Instagram Stories? You’re welcome Information Desk Person on Twitter Twemoji 2.1.2

Thinking Face on Apple iOS 9.3Are you an IRL social media expert? Or do you struggle to keep up with the Children Crossing on Mozilla Firefox OS 2.5kids and all their darn FOMO? Find out in this definitely definitive andextremely objective Twitter Acronym Quiz Hundred Points Symbol on Apple iOS 9.3

Last week we told you aboutPoultry Leg on emojidex 1.0.19KFC’s chicken-scented sunscreen, but we’re guessing this Kenzo perfume is probably better. And so is the Spike Jonze directed advertisement/visual masterpieceDancer on Facebook Messenger that goes with it.

We assume Spike’s mum didn’t have this issue, but according to a new report,one in five mums feel “namer’s remorse” and would pick another name for their Baby on Facebook Messengerchild if they had the choice. Cheers mum!

Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes on Apple iOS 9.3Are you looking for (a job you) love? Honeybee on Apple iOS 9.3Look no further: Honey is hiring!

And our GIF of the week…
Fearful Face on Facebook Messenger SEE YOU IN SEASON TWO Fearful Face on Facebook Messenger

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