Hey, Honey – your weekly round up (issue 2)

Hey, Honey – your weekly round up (issue 2)

Our weekly round up of everything that’s been happening in the ?world of social media, marketing and culture

Eyes on Apple iOS 9.3Here’s what you may have missed…

Red Apple on Twitter Twemoji 2.1.2Yeah OK, you probably didn’t miss the Apple announcement, but the real news is that they Bird on Google Android 7.0tweeted about it and kind of failed.

And they weren’t the only one’s scoring own Soccer Ball on Apple iOS 9.3goals on social this week. Amtrak’s seemingly innocent response to a customer Tweet asked, “Are you still in the elevator?”.
Squared SOS on Twitter Twemoji 2.1.2The problem? The incident occurred seven months ago.

Ghost on Apple iOS 9.3Snapchat queen Kylie Jenner also got stuck in an elevator this week. She shared the ordeal with her millions of followers, before posing for a selfie with a Fire Engine on Twitter Twemoji 2.1.2fireman. Naturally.

Honeybee on Apple iOS 9.3Speaking of shameless self-promoters: Honey have been nominated for three UK Social Media Communications Awards, and we’re pretty excited about it!

Philadelphia Zoo has a new baby Gorilla on Twitter Twemoji 2.1.2gorilla, and they’re going to let the internet name it. Because what could possibly go wrong with that… Face With Rolling Eyes on Apple iOS 9.3

Birthday Cake on Emoji One 2.2.5HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEYONCE Birthday Cake on Emoji One 2.2.5

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