Hey, Honey – Your weekly round up (issue 3)

Hey, Honey – Your weekly round up (issue 3)

Crowdfunded Cat on Google Android 7.0CATS have taken over Clapham Common tube station! TheCitizens Advertising Take-over Service (in partnership with Cat on Google Android 7.0cats and kittens from Battersea Dogs and Cat on Google Android 7.0Cats Home and Cat on Google Android 7.0Cats Protection) raised £23k on Kickstarter to fund the campaign.

Sign of the Horns on Apple iOS 10.0Mad Max: Fury Road, still as furiously-epic without CGI.
Watch the video in all it’s CGI-free glory.

Thinking Face on Apple iOS 10.0Can you see all of London’s art in one day? Filmmaker Alex Gorosh took a whirlwind tour of London’s Frame With Picture on Samsung Galaxy Note 7galleries and museums to find out. The result is a truly beautiful Movie Camera on Apple iOS 10.0film for Art Fund that reminds you just how much there is to see and do in the city.

Honeybee on Apple iOS 9.3Honey has teamed up with Cheetah Mobile to Drum With Drumsticks on Emojipedia 3.0drum up support for their latest video – featuring Status Quo drummer Leon Cave and his best friends Dog Face on Apple iOS 10.0

Three UK enlisted the help of Crossed Swords on Twitter Twemoji 2.1.2Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams to promote their new 4G Super Voice, and throw some shade at Nail Polish on Apple iOS 10.0beauty ads in the process. Watch the spot

Leopard on Emoji One 2.2.5Drum With Drumsticks on Emojipedia 3.0 Dog Face on Apple iOS 10.0
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