Honey at The Student Hotel’s Collab Launch

Honey at The Student Hotel’s Collab Launch

When we launched The Student Hotel Amsterdam City less than a year ago with its unique BedTalks event, we knew this was a Honey-client relationship made in heaven.  We say “do something worth talking about and people will”, well The Student Hotel does, and people do.

The Student Hotel group is an exciting, fast-moving, creative and hugely ambitious company.  In 2016 it had four hybrid hotels that married student accommodation with contemporary hotel rooms and stay-a-while studios.

This week we were back in the Netherlands to launch the first TSH Collab, co-working space within The Student Hotel Amsterdam City, which is set to establish them as Europe’s leading co-living, co-working provider.  In less than 12 months, The Student Hotel has opened a further four properties, with another eight in development.  That’s 16 hotels in Holland, Italy, Spain and France by 2019 and a goal of 41 by 2021.

Working with The Student Hotel is a multi-nationality, creative, intense and hugely fun experience.  To launch TSH Collab we brought together 30 journalists from seven European countries for a two-day immersive experience.  It takes equal measures of energy, attention to detail, planning and vision to do justice to a Student Hotel event; but the reward is in the enthusiasm and inspiration that the media take from it.  

Within a few hours of arriving a third of the journalists had created and posted their video impressions of the hotel, and within 24 hours of the big unveil we had tracked over 100 articles with many more to come.

We’re already planning the launch of The Student Hotel Florence later this year; can’t wait to see what Bed Talks Italian-style will involve.

Mark Terry-Lush
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