Honey Social Update: December 2015

It’s CHRISTMAS, and the Honey team are here to deliver you the top social news from December.


You can now manually set your ‘average response time’ for replying to messages received via your Page. An example of how this could be useful is if your average response rate is say ‘within two hours’ you can now set your displayed time to “typically replies in a few hours” this helps to manage expectations of users engaging with you online. To do this it is fairly simple just go to Messaging under Settings. 

Previously exclusive to celebrities, as of December the third you now have the ability to share live video on Facebook. You can now also make offline Comments. Handy if you’re on the tube or generally travelling without having signal this new feature allows you to comment without internet service. Your Comment will be posted as soon as internet access is available. This feature is currently available on iOS and Android apps.




 You can no longer crop photos and the layout when uploading multiple photos has been improved. 

The biggest update in December from Twitter is theUK  launch of ‘Moments’ which they describe as their ‘most important feature ever’. Moments are stories put together by editors based in the UK in partnership with large media outlets such as Sky News and Buzzfeed. We believe that this will prove popular with users looking to keep up to date with latest breaking and sporting news. 



LinkedIn released a newly redesigned version of their mobile app. The app has been totally restructured and streamlined into “five core areas — Your Feed, Me, My Network, Messaging, and Search.” I got in touch with Steve Johnson, Vice President of User Experience at LinkedIn to get some feedback on the new app. Overall they are happy with the general feedback, however, he did mention that there have been some problems stating that “We are making modifications to make notifications and other key flows easier and more intuitive” he then went on to explain that in January there will be a updates to improve the overall app usability. Steve then gave me his direct contact details and has asked me for feedback in the New Year once this update has rolled out, so if you have anything you would like to forward on please get in touch, you can find my email address below.



There is a new tab sitting the middle of Home and Subscriptions which displays popular videos. YouTube have said that the tab almost acts like a leaderboard for monitoring viral videos on the platform — the algorithm considers comments, “views, novelty, and external references”. 

trendin feature


On December the 8th announced that it had acquired two companies: Pext, the mobile meme maker and community-powered shopping app, The Hunt. With these two acquisitions it brings the total to nine. We’re excited to see what Pinterest achieves over the next twelve months, it’s certainly a social network to keep an eye on over the next couple of years.

You’re now up to date with the latest social media news.

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We hope that you had an awesome Christmas and we’ll see you in the New Year.

Chris Adams