Honey Social Update: November 2015

November has been a busy month, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and China’s Singles day, here’s The Honey Partnership monthly social round up of the latest updates.


Facebook now wants to be your mobile news source too. The “Instant Articles” feature serves up stories from its news media partners and will publish around 1000 articles a day from web content partners and traditional media sources. The main challenge for Facebook is that all users of mobile devices are already bombarded with updates and alerts, so in order for this to work Facebook need to ensure users enjoy the experience and create something that is something different and not just more of the same.

FB instant articles

Facebook introduce new marketing tools for business giving you the ability to create relevant ads for each different location. The feature allows businesses to “to use information from each of their pages to add dynamic ad copy, links and call-to-action buttons to their ads, so each ad is localised for its corresponding store.”

marketing tools


In November we said farewell to Twitter favourites and hello to the introduction of ‘hearts’. Twitter announced that it is replacing favourites with likes and changing the icon from the familiar yellow star to a nice red heart. There have been some mixed opinions about this change, although we’re fans of this update. Twitter have also begun experimenting with other emoji reactions. twitter high five


Instagram is piloting a feature on Android that lets users toggle among multiple accounts. You currently have to log in and out of your account if you’re posting from your personal and business accounts. We’re sure that there must have been some funny instances where users have uploaded a personal image to the wrong account (if you know of any please bring them to our attention) so we’re sure this will be of benefit to many Instagram users.



The new Snapchat update is here and after it started charging for additional replays in September, the platform has opened up a new in-app purchase option. Within the new Snapchat Lens Store users are able to buy special effects to upgrade selfies and Snapchat videos.

snapchat lens store


And finally, this month Pinterest made buyable Pins available to Android users in the U.S. The announcement follows the summer launch of buyable Pins for iPhone and iPad users.

buyable pins

You’re now up to date with the latest social media news. Want to read more? Check out “Building The Right Company Culture And Becoming Social Brand Ambassadors” from the Honey Team,

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Chris Adams