Honey’s open-access social policy

Honey’s open-access social policy

As a social creative agency we’re expected to have super-awesome social accounts, but, as any community manager will attest, this takes a lot of work. And when we’re busy the first thing that gets de-prioritised are our company social platforms.

To combat this we’ve evolved our social strategy to involve the entire team and reinforce the importance of Honey as a client. Because what we do well on social for ourselves we can do even better for our clients.

Now that the responsibility belongs to everyone, not only does this take the pressure off the community manager, it forces us all to gain a greater understanding of social media and we enable our wider team to share their expertise.

The idea came with plenty of questions – how do we manage password sharing? Should we censor or moderate? What’s the point of this again? A raft of learnings helped us create a social strategy that helps achieve our agency social KPIs, and support an inclusive office culture.

As a result our social strategy looks a little like this:

1. Twitter is managed by everyone 
– you want the password, you got it
– share whatever you like, whenever you like.

2. Facebook is managed by the community team
– content is focused on The Honey Partnership as an agency, and therefore more curated.

3. Instagram is managed by the creatives
– not everyone is a photographer, and that’s OK, so we leave it to the more visual members of the team.

4. There’s no moderation
– if you have access to a channel you may post at will.

So now you know, if you’re following us on social, you’re following the entire Honey team ?

Chris Adams