Ask the Crowdfunding Agency: How do you Achieve 5,000% of Your Crowdfunding Goal?

Ask the Crowdfunding Agency: How do you Achieve 5,000% of Your Crowdfunding Goal?

Crowdfunding is well established as a popular way for early-stage businesses to generate capital. Since setting up our crowdfunding agency service, we have managed several successful crowdfunding campaigns, most recently:

We’ve developed a tried and tested methodology supported by some tips and tricks that boost our client’s chances of exceeding their goal by up to 5,000%.  Here are our pieces of crowdfunding advice that any entrepreneur who is about to embark on a crowdfunding campaign should consider.

Crowdfund a product which is going to excite people

This may seem obvious, but there are countless products on crowdfunding sites which are either too obscure and unnecessary for everyday life or a copycat of another product but at a lower cost and undoubtedly of lesser quality. Companies need to think long and hard about which product to crowdfund for and plan accordingly.

Be sure your product is desirable by doing market research. If the reception is negative, then move on to another project. If it’s positive, then start crowdfunding.

Create compelling imagery and videos for your crowdfunding campaign

Capture high-quality, professional pictures and videos for your campaign page. These must show off the features and benefits of the product in an interesting way. Many potential backers will skim read the copy of the campaign and focus most of their attention on the product photos, so a high standard of imagery is essential.

Make the most of social media

Social media is responsible for a huge amount of investment on the back of our campaigns. We used Facebook ads, which has been extremely successful as many people have clicked through and backed the campaign. Although this is an initial cost to the business there’s no way we would generate as much investment without it.

Update your campaign regularly

Backers want to feel like a part of the campaign, so make sure they are updated with exciting developments. Stories such as hitting an initial target, products being shipped or new product features are all really interesting, so make sure you share them.

Interact with other crowdfunding campaigns

If another campaign is relevant to your product or you are impressed by its progress, interact with the company and discuss the idea of promoting each other’s products either on social or as a campaign update. We did this with another tech business who were funding on Indiegogo and it worked extremely well.

Set up a referral campaign

Create a referral programme so that backers are encouraged to refer friends and family to the campaign in return for free gifts. This is a great way to spread the word of the project and achieve more funding.

It takes a lot of planning to create a successful crowdfunding campaign, so it should not be entered into lightly, but it can be an excellent opportunity to promote the company and raise funds.

Mark Terry-Lush
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