4 Chrome Extensions for Community Managers

4 Chrome Extensions for Community Managers

As a community manager, I love Chrome Extensions. They save me loads of time, allow me to manage multiple accounts and ensure the content we share is engaging ?

Here are four that I can’t live without – if you can think of a fifth, Tweet them to us!


Grammarly ✏

No matter how good your copywriting skills, it’s great to get a second opinion. Grammarly checks to see if there are any grammatical errors in your prose, which is essential for any busy community manager.

Emoji Input ?

If you run a social media account then you’ll know how important it is to speak your audience’s language. People pepper emojis in everyday conversations, and so should you! Emoji Input allows you to do that really quickly – a must-have for B2C social media managers.

Meldium ?

If you aren’t using a password manager for your clients, you’re making a big mistake. The security of our clients’ accounts is essential, so a tool like Meldium is a must-have.

Not only do such tools ensure security for client accounts, they also make it super-simple to quickly log in and out of multiple social channels

Pocket ?

Social media evolves at an incredibly fast pace and it’s easy to miss out on new features or insights. That’s why Pocket is probably my favorite Chrome extension on this list. Simply save any web page or article and Pocket will save it.

Do you have a favourite?  Tweet us and let us know!

Mark Terry-Lush