Meet our Chairman: Mark Adams

1. Tell me about yourself and what you do for Honey

I head up Honey’s B2B team, which helps clients understand the power of social as a critical marketing and business development, LeadJen and sales tool to engage with business customers. I am also chair of Honey.

2. What is your biggest success or proudest moment at Honey?

To correctly predict outcomes and meet the goals we set ourselves at the beginning of a project. For example, we might do a LeadJen, inbound marketing, traffic, visitor or downloads-type campaign.  To accurately predict over a period of three months what the outcomes will be, and to piece together the social activities to create those outcomes, then achieve them at the right price, that’s awesome.

3. If you had one word to describe Honey, what is it and why?

Industrious. Because Honey tastes nice and everyone you talk to, when you mention the word honey, always smiles because it’s a great name for a company.  It evokes feelings of bees going about their business – working hard, not complaining and getting on with the job. Also being quite industrious we produce a lot of good stuff, award-winning stuff.

4. If your best friends would describe you in three words, what would they be?

Busy. Busy is big one. Creative or technical, too.

5. If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Jack Ma because he has wisdom, he has been incredibly successful, he’s very inspiring, he exhibits all the best values on the planet of hard work, diligence, humility. And he’s smarter than anyone in the west that I’ve ever worked with, which includes Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

Mark Terry-Lush