Qualcomm launches processors with 30-minute action thriller

Qualcomm launches processors with 30-minute action thriller

Qualcomm, the semiconductor company, has collaborated with ad agency Ogilvy & Mather and Oscar-winner Armando Bo, to create a 30-minute live action thriller entitled, Lifeline.

Lifeline was shot in Shanghai and stars Leehom Wang, Olivia Munn, and Joan Chen. Although nearly three quarters of the dialogue in Mandarin, English subtitles suggest a broader audience appeal.

The plot centres around Kai (Leehom Wang) who tries to discover what happened to his girlfriend, Emma (Olivia Munn), using only her smartphone. This isn’t product placement as we know it, there’s no logo shots or name-drops, just a story that revolves around a handset, that happens to be powered by Qualcomm.

The brand’s choice of YouTube as a distribution platform introduces it to a global audience, while people more familiar with the name should click to a deeper message around mobile security.

The success of Lifeline sets a benchmark for technology brands looking to humanise their products in an innovative and engaging way.

With this piece Qualcomm demonstrates the power and possibilities of its products, without losing its audience to overt commercial messages.

Watch Lifeline on YouTube

Piers Rudgard-Redsell