The Importance of Immersive Storytelling

The Importance of Immersive Storytelling

We’ll kick off March with an ‘importance of…for brands’ series. This week is about immersive storytelling and before you groan, no I won’t talk about VR or AR as much as I would love to. Maybe next week. This is about the importance of the inclusion of the viewer in brand stories.

People want to see stories that include them as much as they relate to. It’s all well and good to watch someone else’s story if it engages you and hits home. But how does this relate to you and how can it help? Brands now have the potential to go one step further from co-created stories with immersive storytelling.

This week I found myself in awe of the World Press Photo Contest, particularly third place winner in the Digital Immersive Storytelling category, The Dig.

World Press Photo Contest is an NGO based in Amsterdam, which invites amateur and seasoned photojournalists to enter their stories across assorted categories.

The Dig

The Dig is an immersive story told by photojournalists Skin Deep and Murmur. Couples with real life problems are filmed in a series of short moments, which the viewer witnesses.

The intrigue this evokes is quite phenomenal as the piece allows viewers to discover where they fall in the shifting landscape of relationships. It lets you dig into the moments of their relationships and in the process enlightens you about yourself, by asking questions such as ‘‘what would you do in their situation?’’  

Try it out for yourself at this link and Tweet us your thoughts. Click on one episode in the series, watch the moments and answer the questions. Good luck on your journey of immersive storytelling, it’s safe to say I learnt a LOT about myself.

Where do brands come into this?

This technique is a giant leap beyond co-creation. If co-creation is scientifically proven to magnify brand awareness, brand engagement and brand love by colossal amounts, imagine what immersive storytelling could do for brands?

Whether it’s for a creative campaign to get colossal engagement rates, such as LEGO, or a complete re-brand that truly considers and implements fans’ opinions as Manchester City FC did, it is imperative that brands take this advice on board. Because who loves a brand that doesn’t care about you?

This is immersive storytelling and it’s the future of successful brand stories.

Harriet Butterfield
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