Social Media Strategies for Halloween

Trying to nail your Halloween strategy but think you may have left it too late? Never fear – The Bees at The Honey Partnership are here to help you create that last minute Halloween 2015 strategy.

With Halloween growing bigger every year it’s fastly becoming one of the most popular holidays among children and adults alike. Although great fun for all the family, it’s not just a day for eating an insane amount of sweets and dressing up as your favourite zombie-fied superhero. Oh no, Halloween is a great time to advertise and promote your brand!

Over the years, an increasing amount of brands have begun to use various tools and techniques to generate high amounts of exposure over the Halloween period. There are many ways to increase brand awareness, drive sales and increase consumer engagement wrapped around the spookiest day of the year. Here’s five to get you started:

1. Leverage social targeting tools

If you only use one of these tips, make sure it’s this one. It’ll not only prove it’s worth over the Halloween period but supercharge all your future social campaigns and strategies.

fb targeting

The targeting capabilities on social channels have improved incredibly since the first Facebook ad back in May 2006, especially on channels such as: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Through these channels in particular, us marketers now have a highly developed arsenal to target specific, granular audiences.

Take Facebook for example; people are eight times more likely to click on a Facebook ad than they are a standard display ad. By using custom audiences, you can run a campaign to reach out to those who visited your site, viewed a particular page but did not convert.

twitter targeting

Be sure to review your insights and get an idea of what’s working. Ask yourself what are people responding to and what got the most overall engagement? Then create similar styled content to what appeals to your audience.

2. Give them an incentive

Incentivise your customers with discounts, promotions or exclusive Halloween sales. It’s a great way to attract new customers, spread brand awareness and entice your previous customers back to purchase from you again.

If you’re on a tight budget, then perhaps giving away discounts and promotions isn’t an option. If so, then it’s time to think outside the box. What do your customers want that you can give them other than discounts or free products? One idea could be to use the “share and reveal” trend that we are increasingly seeing. Many brands have rewarded fans for engagement through early/exclusive access to an original content such as a research paper, promo video or even an app in beta.

You can also use your analytic tools to identify and reward superfans. They are even more likely to share your content as they are already engaged with your brand and are potentially highly influential within your target demographic.

3. Hold a competition

In 2012, fashion retailer Topshop ran an awesome campaign on Twitter, asking fans to enter a competition using the hashtag #TrickorTweet to send in their best Halloween themed outfits. Once all applications were received, Topshop sent personalised message to all entrants thanking them for taking part. The best tweets were then sent £100 gift cards to spend in store. This campaign created a huge amount of engagement and has been written about ever since.

topshop 2There’s been a lot of debate around increasing likes and followers through Like-gating and how it’s no longer useful. For those of you that are unaware what like-gating is, put simply, it’s when the user has to like your page in order to see your content on a particular custom tab. Social media is a place for individuals to be social, they therefore want to engage with other users, brands and like minded people. If the content or competition you’re offering will genuinely benefit the user then users will engage with you. 

A contest or competition is still engaging users and educating them about your brand, whether they then follow you or not. The fact that they are visiting your page is an expression of interest. If that user is then incentivised to fill out a form giving you their details, a fruitful relationship can be nurtured.
4. Make it relevant

If you’re in the situation where you don’t have a big budget for a large competition or the resource to provide an incentive, it doesn’t mean missing out on the Halloween vibe.

If budget or resource is holding you back, then simply theme your regular content with a Halloween angle. Remember to keep all content relevant to your business however, ensure branding is consistent and on message throughout.

co opOne idea could be to produce a countdown to Halloween, announcing a specific fun fact about Halloween everyday. You can then track your success and monitor engagement by creating a unique hashtag for your fun facts. Another option is to piggyback a hashtag that’s already popular.

5. Enjoy it!

Even if your brand isn’t directly related to Halloween you can still get in the spirit and jump on Halloween related images, hashtags and trends over the spooky festivities. Have some fun with a few pumpkins, perhaps carve your logo in one or host a carving competition within the team. Post all the entrants across your social profiles and get your audience to vote. It all helps to humanise your brand.


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Chris Adams