Your weekly showcase of social, creative, China

Your weekly showcase of social, creative, China

It’s safe to say we’re pretty excited.

We’re kicking off our weekly series that rounds up the best in social creative, bringing you our three favourites every week. We’ll throw a few curve balls in here as the series gathers speed, but for now, it’s all about influencers, Instagram, and China.


The Largest Doritos Chip in the World

Sometimes it’s not about getting someone to use your product but doing something a bit different. KOLs want to review interesting and ridiculous things because it works with clickbait headlines and clickbait thumbnails. So why not give them something like Doritos did. This week in Cannes, Honey’s Mark Terry-Lush stressed the importance of influencer’s (link to blog post) to social creative strategy to a room of chock full of traditional advertising. It’s all about how you use them, and how you make it worth talking about. This is a great example of that.


Instagram Launches IGTV

This week saw the continued growth of Instagram, with the launch of IGTV. Now creators can upload content up to 30 minutes long to the platform. They went for Snapchat, Youtube, you’re next. We’re interested to see how the platform develops, whether people can stand vertical video for that amount of viewing time, and what this means for influencers on the app. Publishers are already flooding the feature with curated content, so head to Instagram and have a look around. We’re still on the fence.


Upcoming China Events in London –

And finally, the most useful way to see and breathe China in London. Honey’s a China-inspired social creative agency, and we haven’t lost sight of that. We’ll be floating around some of these events over the coming months, so if you’re looking to understand the ‘China way’… come and join us.

Mark Terry-Lush