Onitsuka Tiger: PR and Social Media


Increased traffic to onitsuka.com by 436%


Onitsuka Tiger is one of the oldest shoe companies in Japan, merged into ASICS.

Onitsuka Tiger needs to create a centralised brand strategy, toolkit, calendar for PR and social media, so that local markets can adapt and implement.


We work with brand marketing teams to create a strategy and plan for a ‘brand re-set’.

We manage a product and content calendar,
write all PR materials, work with digital team to consolidate global Facebook and implement a local market Twitter strategy, identify international media and storytelling opportunities.


During each seasonal push we delivered in between 100 and 200 international and local language cuttings and broadcast clips.

The most successful PR campaign was Zodiac Race, which delivered 300,000 views in two months for the animation, and we increased traffic to onitsuka.com by 436%

100-200 cuttings & clips per season

300,000 views on one campaign