Our key services

PR, Social, Content

Our specialities lie in creating meaningful campaigns and strategies across PR, Social, and Content that change the way people think, feel and act.

Public Relations

Experts in planning, strategy and execution. We have a trustworthy approach to PR that enables your company to grow, enhance your brand image and generate sales. We work enthusiastically all year round to maximise your PR moments, with a journalistic approach supported by a substantial media contact list across multiple industries such as tech, lifestyle and business. Our focus is developing a clear message with a strong creative heart, helping to amplify your story and smash your goals.
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Hit your customers where it matters with a smart social solution designed to evolve based on continuous insight reporting. We review fast-changing trends and what’s worked for you, tweaking our solution as you go. In a world where social engagement is essential, Honey helps build brand loyalty across any and all social channels.
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Content Marketing

Alongside an inspiring level of content creation, first-class content marketing is essential. Honey powers your digital marketing to new heights, with industry best content-creation, and award-winning digital strategies designed to capture and convert new customers.
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Influencer Marketing

Today, some of the most influential individuals you can engage or align with your product or business are those with large followings on social media platforms, known as influencers. We can identify, approach, and engage these high return individuals and put together a strategy that will ensure a huge return and essential visibility for your brand.
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Blog Writing

A blog is a highly important way to provide value. No matter if your brand is selling tech, repairing computers or simply professing your thoughts on the latest trend, a blog will create a return base of customers that is essential. Honey can create a blog strategy and create blog posts, returning to explore what works for you as your blog develops.
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Case Study Writing

High-quality business content is what Honey is all about. We understand the impact of an effective case study, and that its content must be well-structured and concise. We can create any case studies you need, helping drive confidence in your brand.
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Copywriting excellence is essential for any company, especially technology brands that need to communicate complex services with ease to prospective clients. Honey can interpret your ideas into eye-catching, immersive copy, that’s sure to get your audience engagement to a record level.
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Events Marketing

Today, TV and radio have lost their marketing value. Promotion is no longer effective if it’s passive, observed but not engaged with. We can create an exciting event marketing strategy designed to really get them talking - experiential marketing that hangs on the hook of the surreal and absurd.
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Whitepaper Production

Build an audience full of trust with in-depth Whitepapers. Stay ahead of the game, and bring cutting edge information to your audience. Honey stays on top of trends and at the forefront of your subject matter, ensuring a high level of articulation, spelling and grammar services. We can also edit and contextualise Whitepapers from other languages, articulating them with a high level of English language.
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