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The only constant in life is change. That’s just as true for our personal lives as it is for business. It doesn’t take a marketing consultant in London to know that TV, radio and print marketing have been effectively usurped by the digital revolution.

But just as marketing platforms have changed and evolved, so too has the technology that underpins and enhances our hyper-connected world. And perhaps ironically, many of today’s high-tech products and services are also changing the way we market those very same products and services.

Making sense of it all requires a technology PR and marketing consulting firm at the top of its game. That’s Make Honey. But why should you trust the team at Make Honey to be your technology marketing consultant in London? We’ll tell you.

ALIBABA CLOUD, Generating leads through whitepapers, and more

Alibaba Cloud is a cloud computing provider and part of Alibaba Group. It is the largest cloud vendor in China, but wanted to stand out beyond its home market where competitors such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are more established.

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A technology PR and marketing consulting firm for the 2020s

Effective tech PR doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a public relations consultant with comprehensive knowledge of the product, its functionality, what separates it from the competition and its potential effect on the user’s lifestyle.

That kind of expertise can’t be bought, it’s earned through years of hard work and dedication. At Make Honey, we specialise in helping some of today’s most forward-thinking and innovative tech companies identify and connect with markets by way of insightful, nuanced PR campaigns.

The methods we use to deliver that PR message include:

The team at Make Honey have long years of combined experience identifying the right platforms and markets to target to optimise the client’s PR budget. At the same time, we don’t base decisions on what worked yesterday. We crunch the numbers and dive deep into the data in order to devise tactics your target demographic will respond to.

But not just any content marketing, tech content marketing. Our content strategy experts conduct a ground-up analysis of your tech product or service in order to ensure that the content we create to promote it is both trustworthy and insightful. Making sure your tech product or service is always presented in a favourable light is the essence of tech content marketing, and no one does it better than Make Honey.

We put the same effort into digital marketing for tech companies as we put into tech content marketing. Everything is research-based and delivered by way of high-quality video, social media posts and other means. If your digital marketing efforts are in good shape, you’ve got one foot up on most of the competition.

For tech companies? You bet. Not all influencers are famous just for being famous. Some have amassed huge social media followings by providing timely, accurate tech advice. The team at Make Honey are experts at identifying worthy tech influencers and matching them with the right product or service.

Today’s tech is both generative and disruptive. It drives change on a macro level, and that’s unsettling to a lot of people. We provide an ear to the high-tech ground, not just to discern the breathless affirmations coming our client’s way, but to also listen for disturbances in the zeitgeist which may require a tactful response. It’s amazing how far a well-timed press release or reassuring message can go.

In order to ensure smooth sailing through the oft-choppy waters of the contemporary marketplace, it’s important for tech companies to provide consistent messaging that marches in lockstep with their brand values. Effective technology PR and marketing consulting from Make Honey provide that consistent voice and, when things unexpectedly go sideways we, as the tech public relations consultant, act quickly to contain damage and protect the brand.

The technology landscape looks different today than it did a year ago. And a year from now it will look different still. In order to project an image of relevance, it’s imperative that the tech marketing advisor stay informed of current trends and understand how they may, or may not, impact the perception of the client, or the relevance of their product or service. At Make Honey, research is the glue that holds our tech PR services together.

If you want your product to stand out in an overheated, overstuffed marketplace, you need to project a clear, consistent message, establish a compelling mission, and project an attractive brand personality. The team at Make Honey specialise in helping tech companies do just that.


Positive endorsement is proven to drive ecommerce purchases


Win credibility, trust and visibility to impact decision making


Creators and key opinion leaders deliver authentic content


Creative impact through stories that spark social sales conversations


Create content from inspired activations, partnerships and events

Honey has taken TP-Link UK from a predominantly B2B brand to be a regular in lifestyle media and in our social communities. Honey demonstrates a perceptive and dynamic approach to getting results.

Emma Lattimer, Marketing Manager


Summary: Why choose Make Honey as your PR marketing advisor?

  • We understand the immense value of a consistent brand voice.
  • More than that, we know how to create that consistent brand voice.
  • We stay up-to-date on the full spectrum of tech developments.
  • We create engaging, insightful tech content that advances your cause.
  • We move quickly to put a fence around damage and reshape perceptions.
  • We’ll make influencer marketing work for you.

We also offer expert consumer product launch consulting. Get in touch with the team at Make Honey to learn more.