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Even if all the accoutrement of society eventually gets back to something like pre-pandemic “normal” people have changed. They are more careful, better informed and more aware regarding their health. And lest we forget, millions worldwide have lost parents, partners, siblings, friends and neighbours.

In the days ahead the biggest challenge facing business will likely have less to do with reclaiming old customers and attracting new ones, and more to do acknowledging recent events in a measured and respectful way so we can all move forward together. That’s where a world-class PR digital strategy comes in. a

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Make Honey is a team of PR experts fully capable of helping you successfully navigate the current zeitgeist and emerge transcendent. Our interdisciplinary mastery enables us to produce public relations campaigns that touch the heart, engage the mind, enhance your standing and drive engagement.

Recent events have left an indelible mark on everyone. No one has completely escaped the shock waves or been untouched by the challenges. If there has been one bright light in the foggy night of 2020/2021 it was the way smart tech enabled us to reach out from our confinement and stay both connected and productive. That’s a story that needs to be told, and we are the ones to tell it.

Expert Award-Winning PR Campaigns

The following case studies exemplify the type of new economy standouts that trust Make Honey to help them deliver on their goals, reach new audiences and develop new markets.

Alibaba Cloud 

Alibaba Cloud is part of the Alibaba Group, a Chinese company with a market cap of nearly £500 billion. Alibaba Cloud is the #1 provider of cloud computing services in China but desired to raise its visibility with the Western Market. This, of course, would pit it against established giants such as Microsoft Azure and GoogleCloud.

The solution we devised for Alibaba Cloud is multifaceted and features ebooks, social posts, infographics, whitepapers, videos, coordinated email marketing and more. Working in concert, the components of this interconnected content suite are designed to capture user data, generate leads, and shepherd potential customers through the sales funnel, all the while providing valuable information on relevant technical issues and timely business topics.

JBL Epic Summer

JBL was looking for a way to create linkage between their product line and music festivals goers. Due to the fact that their audience was tech-savvy, music-loving 18-24 year olds we decided to leverage Snapchat as the platform for our outreach efforts. Why Snapchat? Because an incredible 87% of its users are millennials, which is among the highest of all social media apps.

The campaign was a rousing success with reach ultimately surpassing 1.9 million users. Part of that success was due to leveraging Snapchat’s powerful geofilters feature. Geofilters help marketers increase brand awareness through branded impressions and indeed, the campaign was able to produce 60,000 geofilter impressions. But geofilters were not the only thing driving the success of the JBL campaign. Our SnapAds also produced an astonishing swipe rate of almost 30%, nearly 3 times the norm.


Alibaba Cloud

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Anticipating and Transforming The PR Landscape

A good PR consultancy is quick to react to the changing landscape and has the ability to produce timely campaigns that immediately become part of the cultural, as well as the market, narrative. A great PR agency in the UK is able to anticipate how that landscape will change a week, a month or a year down the road and position your company to take the lead.

We’re able to anticipate because we keep one ear to the technology rail and the other carefully tuned to the cultural climate. We understand that technology is still only as good as its ability to effectively transmit relevant, emotionally and intellectually stimulating information from person to person. At the end of the day, that human currency is all that really matters.

As such, if we are blowing past expectations with our content marketing it’s because we understand how to leverage a given platform in the most effective manner possible and because our services include the ability to craft content that captivates and enriches.

PR Trends of 2021/2022

It’s not enough to say that recent events were unprecedented, or that we’re in uncharted waters. We know that, you know that and certainly anyone else who has lived through the past year knows that. What the world needs now is not only love, sweet love, but a way forward that acknowledges what’s happened and the hardships it wrought, without using them as an excuse for inaction. With that in mind, here are some PR trends to look for during the rest of 2021/2022.

Casual Everyday

As things open back up it’s obvious that something’s different. Millions of people are not where we last saw them. Instead of occupying the desk around the corner or the office down the hall, they’re working from the kitchen table or their hastily assembled home office. Casual Friday has thus become casual everyday, and photos of the kids in the background of a conference call have been replaced by actual kids in the background.

Any effective PR message going forward must acknowledge the vast changes that have taken place regarding how and where we work. It should also anticipate where this trend is going based on an analysis of what is currently working as well as what technology companies are promising for future iterations of their hardware and software.

So Fleeting, Yet So Effective

Ephemeral content is an idea pioneered by Snapchat and recently picked up on by other social media platforms, including Twitter and LinkedIn. Ephemeral content is a way to provide updates to an audience or customer base that exists for only a short time (typically 24 hours) and then disappears. It’s the high tech equivalent of leaning out the window and telling your friends you got held up and you’ll be down in a few minutes.

Look for ephemeral content to gain more traction as the year progresses. First, because it’s effective, second because it’s inexpensive to produce, and third because it reflects the “everyday is casual Friday” ethos that is quickly becoming all pervasive.

Welcome to Instagram. Are You Being Served?

Traditional brick and mortar retail was already teetering before anyone ever heard of covid19. Now it’s on life support. Yet at the same time, almost no one has lost their zest for shopping. So what gives? Where did everyone go? Increasingly the answer is “social media”. All major social media platforms have been pouring resources into their in-app purchasing capabilities in recent months and any PR agencies worth their salt are tailoring their content to reflect this change.

Enough With the Zoom Already!

Zoom and other video conferencing apps saw exponential growth over the past year, but you don’t have to be a behavioural scientist to know that the thrill is gone. These apps played an important role in enabling civilization as we know it to lumber on when everyone was confined to their homes. And business owners everywhere should raise a glass to Zoom’s developers.

That said, now that the outside world is accessible again, distorted heads stacked about a computer screen like so many dingy bathroom tiles, with no indication of hierarchy and often no way to tell who is speaking or should be speaking, is quickly losing its appeal.

As such it’s likely that those who are most effective at integrating AR, and perhaps even VR technology into their video conferencing apps are those who will emerge atop the remote meeting app pile. This will have important implications for PR digital agencies looking to promote live demos, Q and A sessions and the like.




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