What we do

We make super brands
Every brand can be a super brand

Make Honey offers a wide range of social, creative and content services to help companies grow and globalise.

We are social-first because it is a behaviour – not just a technology or a platform – that represents a radical shift in the way people work, rest and play. Our clients recognise that to succeed they must embrace social at every level of their business. That’s why Honey’s consultants marry technical and creative skill, have a deep understanding of their sector and offer sharp, workable solutions.

Honey has embraced the Chinese philosophy of continuous improvement to enable us to work better and faster.

Three principles that influence how we work are:

  1. Shu Zi (数字) or “the numbers”. We put our clients’ KPIs first and work out how social can contribute.
  2. Ling Huo (灵活) or “adaptable”. We are agile, responsive and iterative; then build those behaviours into the creative process.
  3. Kuai Su (快速) or “fast”. We use mobile tools such as WeChat and Alibaba’s DingTalk to deliver results faster.
DSWTA copy
It’s not what you say about yourself, it’s what others say about you.
Do something worth talking about, and people will.