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A white paper is an informational document produced by an organisation or company to promote one of its products or services, frequently a new product or service. Government agencies also issue white papers from time to time as a way of informing the public about new laws or regulations, or as a means of gauging public sentiment about an issue. If you are in search of a professional whitepaper writing and production agency, Make Honey are the ones to call.

Why Choose Make Honey Whitepaper Writing and Production Agency

White papers are some of the most important and influential documents a company, organisation or institution can issue, so it is vital that they are accurate, well-written and easily understood. When you choose Make Honey to produce your white paper, you can be sure:


It Will be Exhaustively Researched

No good can come from a whitepaper that is short on facts, rife with errors or that overlooks key points. These shortcomings are almost always a result of a lack of proper research on the part of the writers. That will not happen when you entrust your white paper to Make Honey. We dig deep to uncover all the salient facts.

Your Target Audience will Find it Easy to Understand

There is a difference between content that is both informative and easily understood, and content that is simply “dumbed-down”. The former will make the desired impression on the target audience, the latter will likely leave them feeling they are being pandered to. The team at Make Honey never sacrifice quality to make a cheap or quick point.

It will Feature Original Content End to End

When you enlist Make Honey to produce your white papers, you can be confident that every sentence will be original content that has been extensively researched.

It Will Enhance Your Brand or Organisational Identity

A well-written white paper is not only informative and enlightening, it also presents your company or organisation in a favourable light. Whether it be TV shows, YouTube videos or whitepapers, everyone appreciates quality content and remembers where they encountered it and who generated it.

If Meant for Web Publication it will be SEO Friendly

Most whitepapers these days are published on a company or organisation’s website. Because of that, the whitepaper writing and production agency needs to be sure the whitepaper is SEO friendly, meaning it incorporates appropriate keywords, it is plagiarism-free, and it is a length that is agreeable to search engines.


Boost Your Credibility with Professional Whitepaper Services

The team at Make Honey are experts at producing high-end whitepaper content that enhances a company or organisation’s reputation and credibility with their target audience. We fashion content specifically to your intended audience based on the important points you wish to convey.

Whether the target audience is academic, scientific, high tech, governmental or a particular group of consumers we adapt the tone, language and presentation to them. In addition, charts, graphs, imagery and more are all created, selected and presented in a way that facilitates communication with your intended audience.

Get in Touch with Make Honey

The high-quality whitepaper you need is just a phone call away. Get in touch with the team at Make Honey today. We will produce a whitepaper for you that will get your points across in a manner that will be entirely consistent with your target audience. Use the contact form on our website or, if you prefer, give us a call on 0203 488 4253 during regular business hours.

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