US Launch of XGIMI

XGIMI is the largest designer and manufacturer of high-performance, multi-functional smart projectors in China. The company’s mission is to create and build Android projectors with the best technical features at an affordable price, so that anyone can enjoy the cinema experience at home.


XGIMI launched an Indiegogo campaign for its H1 home theatre with a funding target of $100,000, and needed an agency to raise its profile in the USA during an intense two month campaign.

The challenge was to get a previously unknown brand into top tier US media, and encourage potential backers to invest in XGIMI. The higher the brand and product awareness, the more money would be raised.

The follow up to the crowdfunding campaign was to get XGIMI noticed by the media at CES. We did this in advance of the event by securing high profile media interviews and selling-in a press release showcasing its new products and the opportunity to test them or meet the makers.


The H1 campaign included content writing, outreach, as well as coordinating and directing media interviews.

We wrote a killer a press release to announce the Indiegogo campaign, which resonated with the US consumer technology media. XGIMI’s target audience is early adopters, Android users, home cinema enthusiasts, so that media was the best place to focus initial outreach. We also offered review opportunities for a select few journalists.

At CES we supported the XGIMI team with event management. At the world renowned technology conference we wrote and sold-in a press release, which helped us secure  one-to-one interviews with XGIMI’s marketing manager, Ivy Wu.


We secured 36 news articles and stories across relevant and highly influential technology, Android and crowdfunding publications. This included an in-depth review in TechCrunch, as well as a Facebook Live video produced by Mashable for the Z4 Aurora projector, which achieved over 7,500 views and 105 engagements. We secured 26 reviews across technology and projector-specific media.

Honni put XGIMI on the map and raised its profile in the US media as a superbrand of the future.

At CES we secured and hosted nine interviews with technology media, this included a livestream with Be Terrific TV and a meeting with social media influencer Chris Voss who has 206,000 Twitter followers. From those interviews, five out of the nine interviewers requested review products to test in their own time.