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Whether you want to get rid of bad odors, overcome allergies, or improve your home air quality, air purifiers will help. But most are ineffective, expensive or inconvenient to use. Enter LUFTQI, a portable air purifier brand that uses nanotechnology to save energy, reduce purifier noise and eliminate toxic gases and odours
The Challenge Was To Make The Complex Simple

Small and mighty, LUFT Duo is the world’s first ever portable and filterless air purifier launched at CES 2021.

LUFTQI hired Honey to promote their products in English-language markets worldwide.

LUFT Duo uses UVA LED and photocatalytic tech to zap dust, pollen, mould and pathogens at a molecular level. Honey was tasked with translating complex technical information into consumer friendly language that would capture global media’s attention.

Launched amid lockdown during an international health crisis, Honey pivoted the messaging to position LUFT Duo as one solution to the world’s growing environmental and health challenges.

To help build trust and loyalty, and highlight what sets their products apart, Honey created a Reviewer Programme that generated international PR exposure for LUFTQI.

An announcement press release was distributed to media before CES which explained LUFT Duo’s innovative use of nanotechnology, building excitement for the launch and driving journalists to visit LUFTQI’s virtual booth. High-quality press images were also included, as well as a comparison card which informed the media of LUFT Duo’s outstanding features.

The results Were Award Winning

LUFTQI landed headlines on target publications including CNET, Digital Trends, Gadget, Tech Radar, US TV

Good Morning SanDiego and WSJ. LUFT Duo was also reviewed on Chigz Tech Reviews, one of the UK’s top tech YouTube channels, and won an innovative award on Computer Times.

The pioneering technology story generated 138 pieces of coverage across medical, tech and lifestyle titles, not only increasing awareness and brand trust but also driving the most influential tech media to LUFTQI’s booth at CES.

Honey is good at project managing and the media coverage is great ﹘ by far the best exposure LUFTQI has ever received.

Titus Chang, Co-Founder


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