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How to Use eBooks to Bolster Your Brand

The eBook is quickly overtaking the bound text as the defacto choice of the digitally savvy. While sales of physical books have decreased slightly in the past 3 years eBook sales have steadily increased. And that is true for all manner of eBooks, including fiction, non-fiction, instructional and otherwise. In addition, eBooks have become an integral part of any comprehensive content marketing strategy. Make Honey is a premium eBook production agency that can help you leverage this important new marketing tool.

Smarter Content Marketing

Any brand whose integrity is called into question is bound to lose the brand loyalty battle to the competition. With that in mind, a comprehensive content marketing strategy should be focused not only on attracting new customers but on providing evidence that yours is a brand worthy of loyalty. This is where eBooks come in.

ALIBABA CLOUD, Generating leads through whitepapers, and more

Alibaba Cloud is a cloud computing provider and part of Alibaba Group. It is the largest cloud vendor in China, but wanted to stand out beyond its home market where competitors such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are more established.

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The eBook Production Agency You Need

The eBook is not only big business as far as sales go, it is an invaluable tool in shaping effective content marketing and email marketing strategies. Don’t concede this digital high ground to the competition. Contact Make Honey today by calling 0203 488 4253 or using the contact form on our website.

3 ways you can use eBooks to enhance brand integrity and loyalty.

Use your social media channels or community forum to conduct surveys or polls regarding those things that concern or interest your customer base. You can also use information gleaned from website analytics to determine who is buying from you, where they live, what kind of devices they use and more. All of this information can then be analysed to determine topics that are of likely interest to them.

Once you have an idea for an eBook, get in touch with the team at Make Honey. We’ll transform your concept into an eBook that is chock full of valuable insights, previously unknown or little known facts and other takeaways that will quietly convince the reader that you know your stuff. Your eBook can then be used as the centrepiece of your content marketing strategy and distributed either on its own or in conjunction with other materials.

This often overlooked aspect of business has never been more relevant. While mobile concerns are driving changes to Google’s algorithm these days, research indicates there is still a robust market for long-form content that dives deeper into a topic than any social media post or short-form blog post ever could.

In short, while people spend most of their time these days skipping across the surface of the digital pond, they haven’t lost their desire to learn, and so they still take time to seek out and consume more in-depth content. So give them what they want with an eBook from Make Honey.

People are tired of coughing up their email address and getting little of value in return. An eBook is a great way to overcome this growing resistance. Because an eBook has a greater perceived value than a short blog post or article by an unknown author people are more likely to part with personal information like an email address to obtain it.

“But I thought email was dead” you’re saying. Not so. While social media has largely supplanted email (and phone calls) as the way most people engage in casual communication, email marketing is still an important part of effective inbound marketing strategies. And the proof is in the numbers. Research indicates that in 2020 companies generated £40 for every £1 they spent on email marketing. No other channel can claim that kind of ROI.


Positive endorsement is proven to drive ecommerce purchases


Win credibility, trust and visibility to impact decision making


Creators and key opinion leaders deliver authentic content


Creative impact through stories that spark social sales conversations


Create content from inspired activations, partnerships and events

Honey has taken TP-Link UK from a predominantly B2B brand to be a regular in lifestyle media and in our social communities. Honey demonstrates a perceptive and dynamic approach to getting results.

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