JBL Epic Summer

Snapchat advertising across three different festivals in Europe

Pan European Social

The Honey Partnership and JBL embarked on a journey to use Snapchat advertising across three different festivals in Europe.

The aim was to create a brand affiliation between JBL and festivals in the minds of their core audience – 18-24 year old music loving festival goers. 

The goals were brand awareness, engagement and relevance, which were all exceeded with the campaign surpassing a reach over 1.9 million users, filters used 61,000 times with a use swipe rate of a phenomenal 28.23%. 

It was the choice and strategic planning of the right media platform combined with innovative creative that made this happen.

The JBL Epic Summer Snapchat campaign exceeded expectations of JBL and Snap Inc. 

The geofilters achieved over 4.9 million Snapchat story views, with
unique reach of 1.9 million. Brand awareness .

Uses of the filters was the goal and we achieved over 60,000 uses of the geofilters. Engagement .

As Snapchat was unable to give us any expected measurable goals for the objectives of the SnapAds we used the use swipe rate suggested by Snapchat as a benchmark which was 10%.

We nearly tripled that with 28.23% use swipe rate. There was an average playtime of each Snap of 8.95 seconds – impressive, given that Snapchat’s have a life of 10 seconds. Hyper-relevance .

Client Testimonial

“Honey delivered first class social creative once again for JBL during the Epic Summer campaign. 

Snapchat advertising is relatively new and as a brand we are always looking to find innovative ways to reach and engage with the right audience. With the help of Honey’s innovative thinking we achieved results that outperformed expectations. 

Awareness, relevance and engagement were part of our brief and it was the combination of strategic media placement and first class creative design that helped JBL to become relevant to the festival scene throughout Europe.”


Dave Seedorf
Digital Marketing Manager, Harman EMEA

Platform Testimonial

“The results’ use of the geofilters was insanely high. 

Everything over 10% is a good-result, so this shows the strength of the right moment, right message and right target-audience for this campaign

Honey did an amazing job to achieve these results”

Olju Man
Account Manager, Snapchat Inc