Product Launch Consulting Services

Often, products fail in the market not because they are bad products or represent bad ideas, but because the marketing behind them failed. If you are a designer, inventor or entrepreneur you need to make sure that before you bring a product you invested months or even years in developing to market that you have all your marketing ducks in a row. That means having proven Product Launch Consulting Services on your side. The kind you will find at Make Honey.

ALIBABA CLOUD, Generating leads through whitepapers, and more

Alibaba Cloud is a cloud computing provider and part of Alibaba Group. It is the largest cloud vendor in China, but wanted to stand out beyond its home market where competitors such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are more established.

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When a new product fails to gain traction it can be heartbreaking and confusing for the people behind it. But this doesn’t have to happen to you. Make Honey can devise a product launch strategy for you that will put your product in front of the people you are trying to target. Don’t waste another second wondering how to promote new products in the market. Instead, concentrate your energies on making great products and leave the market research and product promotion ideas to the people who do it for a living.


Proven Product Launch Consulting Services

Here are some of the product launch promotion ideas we employ for our clients:

  • The use of entry pop-ups on their website to grab the visitor’s attention
  • Employing exit offers that appear before the visitor exits the site
  • Writing guest posts on popular blogs in a given sector
  • Introductory offers to bring the customer into the conversion funnel
  • Email, social media and performance marketing
  • Making use of influencers to spread the word
  • Creating loyalty programs

Our vast digital marketing experience means there are few others who know how to promote a product online as effectively as we do. We work closely with you to learn about the product in question, its target demographic, and other relevant information and then use a strategic approach designed to optimise exposure to that demographic. It’s not rocket science. It’s marketing science, and no one does it better.


Positive endorsement is proven to drive ecommerce purchases


Win credibility, trust and visibility to impact decision making


Creators and key opinion leaders deliver authentic content


Creative impact through stories that spark social sales conversations


Create content from inspired activations, partnerships and events

Honey has taken TP-Link UK from a predominantly B2B brand to be a regular in lifestyle media and in our social communities. Honey demonstrates a perceptive and dynamic approach to getting results.

Emma Lattimer, Marketing Manager


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Before you pay Google or someone else to advertise your product, get in touch with Make Honey Product Launch Consulting Services. We know how to advertise a new product in a way that produces results. Remember; most product failures are, in fact, marketing failures. Don’t let ineffective marketing drag your incredible product down with it. Instead, call Make Honey Product Launch Consulting Services on 0203 488 4253. Or you can write to us at