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Launch of a new concept hotel, Amsterdam CityPan European social, SEM and PR


38 journalists from five European markets attended the launch. 240+ published editorial since launch with more expected.

Total reach: 65,053,531

Highlight video of Bed Talks, the grand opening event for Amsterdam City


The Student Hotel Group launched its flagship property, Amsterdam City, with a Grand Opening in Amsterdam on Friday April 15 2016.

Today’s students are hard-working, driven and creative, entrepreneurial people who bring an ambience and vibrancy to where they live that means it is an exciting place to be.  

The hybrid concept combines student accommodation with short stay and hotel rooms.  The atmosphere is highly social, all common areas are shared and all guests, along with the local community, are encouraged to mix in the beautifully designed surroundings.

The Student Hotel has also developed a great F&B concept, The Pool, providing quality food and drink throughout the day.

 The Student Hotel group has secured finance and is actively looking for European cities where it can buy properties and develop the concept.  It has ambitious expansion plans with a target to open 40 properties throughout Europe by 2020.

The Student Hotel was founded by Scottish entrepreneur Charlie MacGregor in Amsterdam.  

A key element of the launch was a creative, innovative event unique to The Student Hotel.  Bed Talks, a combination of TED Talks and John and Yoko Ono’s Amsterdam Bed In, was a series of conversations between invited guests from a range of industries and backgrounds, covering a range of topics with the aim of generating connections and commitments, with an audience of no more than 10-15 for each talk.

Bed Talks were complemented by a series of workshops, interviews and panel discussions throughout the day.

The Challenge

The Student Hotel group wanted to create maximum noise around the launch across a number of platforms and to multiple audiences.

The challenge was to succinctly communicate the concept, showcase the product, create social media buzz, generate online and print coverage, and promote a number of elements unique to The Student Hotel including the Bed Talks launch activity, The Pool food and beverage concept and the business story behind The Student Hotel group and its rapid expansion across Europe.  All within the timeframe of six weeks from brief to event.

The Honey Partnership become an integral part of the management team with a brief to help with event management and liaise with potential Bed Talks speakers, as well as manage pan-European PR and social activity including the overall media strategy, social and media newsroom and on site press office, content seeding and media liaison.


We created a strong pan European team responsible for outreach in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, UK and Ireland and secured media attendance at the Grand Opening of 38 journalists from five countries to experience the concept and the event first hand to review the hotel and report on the company’s philosophy and growth plans.

The target media included print, online, freelance, bloggers and digital influencers covering travel, trade, leisure and business for national and regional newspapers, special interest consumer magazines, travel trade and business publications.

Honey also coordinated all of the travel arrangements for the attending media and provided an on site press office during the event, organising a media briefing and one-to-one interviews with the management team.

We created a press pack with nine original releases translated from English into four languages, distributed at the event and simultaneously to wider media audiences at the time of launch.

Press Releases

  • The Student Hotel Group Unveils Amsterdam City Flagship: Amsterdam City heralds a new concept in travel, living and working
  • Amsterdam City Opens (photo release)
  • BEDTALKS@Amsterdam City: Europe’s Free Thinking Event of the Year
  • The Pool Invites Diners and Drinkers to Dive into a Silk Road Inspired Canteen of Sights, Smells, Flavours and Sounds: Amsterdam City unveils new restaurant and bar concept at The Student Hotel flagship
  • Expansion: Target European Cities
  • Timeline
  • Charlie MacGregor Profile: Making Connections: A Profile of Charlie MacGregor and The Student Hotel
  • Management Biographies
  • Property Fact Sheets

During the event Honey operated a social media press room and conducted a live Facebook stream, while also overseeing all photography and videography.

Attending media:


  • Merian
  • Hyperlic
  • Super Hotel
  • Design Report
  • Intro


  • Ansa
  • Travel News
  • Il Corriere della Sera
  • Left
  • La Rivista Culturale
  • Wired.it
  • ScualoZoo
  • Giornalettismo


  • Publituris
  • Fujas
  • New in Town
  • Sapo, Viajens, 24
  • P3
  • Expresso
  • A Melhor Amiga Da Barbie
  • Sabado
  • RTP3, Ecomico TV, TAP


  • Via Hotel
  • Technohotel
  • Mi Casa Rivista
  • Top Viajes
  • Elle
  • El Proximo Viaje
  • La Vanguardia


  • Black & Green,
  • Travel News, Independent
  • Disrupts
  • The Fintech News
  • Crane.tv
  • Budget Traveller


There was a marked 5.6% increase in users visiting The Student Hotel website during launch, increased to 45,989 from previous month’s 43,568.

Additionally, there was 11% more page views during launch, to 225,401 from previous months 203,991.

25.4% more users came to The Student Hotel website from other websites during launch and user sessions increased to 15,159 from previous months 12,085

During the launch phase The Student Hotel website received 6% more visits from users than the previous month. 25% more users came to TSH website from other website links than in the month before, suggesting that content written had a significant effect in driving traffic.

On Twitter there were 906 mentions of The Student Hotel, 240 of which directly mentioned Bed Talks or BedTalks.

In total there were 970,000 total impressions from Twitter, news sites and blogs.

The Twitter reach was 250,000, Facebook 18,000 over the launch weekend from The Student Hotel pages alone.

The live stream reached 1,000 unique viewers and the first two streams had 2,500 views.

‘The First Ever Bed Talk’ video had an additional 370 views, meaning 3,000 people were able to take part in Bed Talks without actually attending.

The Snapchat account was launched on Friday 15 April and reached 100 followers.

38 journalists from five European markets attended the launch.

240+ published editorial since launch with more expected.

Total reach: 65,053,531

88% of articles in publications with strong Alexa ranking (under 150,000)